EZAS – safety control unit

The family of microprocessors EZAS-2 type consists of modern devices for electrical protection automation (EAZ), which are used in monitoring the following medium voltage fields (SN), such as:

  • power line field,
  • linear drainage field,
  • rail connector box,
  • SZR automation field,
  • asynchronous motor field,
  • capacitor bank field,
  • transformer field,
  • measurement field.

The EZAS-2 relay panel supervises the following task groups:

  • implementation of an appropriate set of protection for signaling and control of a chosen switchgear field (disrupted conditions),
  • implementation of automation related to a given switchgear field,
  • measurement and visualization of the selected values of electrical quantities,
  • registration and visualization of events,
  • communication with the user.

The advantages of EZAS-2 are as follows:

  • the usage of microprocessors with arithmetic coprocessor and analog-to-digital converter,
  • the usage of modern digital technology providing high parameters and characteristic stability, accurate measurements and reliable operations,
  • two-channel current measurement, i.e. separately for small overloads and for short circuits (this increases primarily the channel resolution and accuracy of measurements),
  • advanced dynamic properties,
  • easy to install construction – especially in the compartment of auxiliary equipment.

Currently, the EZAS security and control unit is available in two versions:

  1. EZAS 2C
  2. EZAS 2P

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